Reference Point Therapy

As a psychotherapist of over 25 years I have continually looked for the technique that would help me get to the bottom of the emotional or mental problem that my clients presented to me. I knew from my own personal therapy work that only talking about a problem would not heal what needed healing. I was always looking for psychotherapy techniques that integrated the Mind, the Body, and the Spiritual aspects of a person and ones unlock the patterns that keep people stuck.

The concept of being able to clear most of your trauma if you can get back to the original anchor or reference point for that trauma is not a new one. I have been doing that work for years. We can now find that original anchor for the trauma quickly, easily, gently, and then the whole healing can be extremely fast. We can quickly clear what used to take years of therapy without re-experiencing the trauma, regression techniques, channeling energy, or daily focusing on creating new habit patterns.

"I am a parent of a college-aged daughter who was in the midst of trauma.  A trauma that had become so overwhelming it was affecting all aspects of her being.  My daughter worked with Dr. Susan Smith for approximately two hours total.

The results are breathtaking.  She is happy.  She is singing.  She feels like the weight of the world has been lifted from not just her shoulders, but from the very core of her being.  She says she has a new beginning with a new and much happier, more free, version of herself.  I am eternally grateful!!!  Susan's ability to tune in, identify and resolve all of the issues with her Reference Point Therapy was amazing.  There are no words to express the gratitude of a parent when you see your child's light shine again.  Thank you!  Thank you!" 

It is called Reference Point Therapy because it is about the finding and changing of that original reference point.

What is Reference Point Therapy?

Reference Point Therapy is the fastest and easiest way to transform your life. Why? Because RPT is unique in getting to the real origin of your problems. In our experience, people can send years dealing with their problem because they are only dealing with symptoms, not causes. Changing beliefs, talking about your problems, releasing trauma are all ways of processing your symptoms. RPT is different. We know that there is an earliest reference point for all our “stuff’. You are feeling it now on a conscious level because you have felt it before at a deeper level. The instant healing happens when we get to the bottom of it.

What is the original reference point? The recipe is simple, it boils down to what and when:

What is a deeply held survival instinct in the deepest part of your mind. We call this reference point a “tone”.

When is a historical moment when this instinct entered your biology.  Applying the science of epigenetics, we consciously release the reference point back to its origin, what we call the “earliest reference point”.

Most techniques do one or the other but not both - they might get to the bottom but ignore when and why it happened. Other techniques can get back to the trauma but get stuck there - missing the simplicity of the tone.

This new technique is amazingly effective at emotional and physical healings that don't respond to any other technique. It's also incredibly powerful for abundance healings.

Reference point Therapy was developed by Evette and Simon Rose. They integrated essential pieces from:

  1. Neuro- Linguistic Programming
  2. Grant McFetridge's Peak States work
  3. The Hawaiian tradition of Ho'oponopono
  4. Soleria Green's work with Beingness and expanding consciousnes

Reference Point Therapy is a fast and easy way to clear deep patterns, blocks and trauma.

What can you do with Reference Point Therapy?

  • Stop worrying
  • Unblock your creativity
  • Think inspirationally for 'That Creative Edge'
  • Stop the self-sabotage
  • Have Better Relationships (job, family, intimate) and much more
  • Work on yourself
  • Stop the cycle of dysfunctional relationships
  • Release anxiety
  • Find and heal the core of stress
  • Clear the fears of lack
  • Clear grief and feelings of loss

Emotional Healing

The shortest and simplest answer is that RPT is one of the easiest way to clear deep emotional pain, trauma and patterns. This means that first of all, we can powerfully change just about any emotional block using this work. You may already have seen lots of other techniques for clearing emotional blocks, so the simplest thing I can say is that we go deeper, much deeper. This technique works - often instantly - because we truly get to the deepest layer of our stuff. To use a simple but powerful visual metaphor - most techniques "peel away layers of the onion", we jump straight in and slice the onion up!

Physical Healing

Whilst I cannot promise you a "cure-all", I can tell you that Simon and Evette have had amazing results, including complete healing of conditions considered "incurable". Simon has had clients whose tumors disappeared overnight for instance. They had clients with Multiple Sclerosis whose nerves re- myolinated (ie their nervous system healed itself). They have seen hundreds of miraculous healings. What we find is that most, but perhaps not all, physical diseases are caused by deeply held emotional pain and trauma. When we release the trauma, the body heals itself rapidly.

Some physical conditions are not caused by our emotional response to events. In these cases emotional healing still speeds up the recovery process and is still recommended.

Reference Point Therapy is a complementary healing technique. It is not a substitute for the care of a properly qualified physician or naturopathic doctor (as the case requires). In all cases of serious medical conditions (such as cancer) you will need to remain under your doctor's care and receive regular scans to verify the success of the healing.

If you are unsure whether emotionally based healing would benefit you please contact me to discuss your condition.

Spiritual Healing

Breakthrough new research has shown that it is our feelings about an event that holds people back from higher spiritual states such as enlightenment. For instance, Grant McFetridge's PhD thesis showed that it is usually perceived trauma at conception and in the womb that holds people back from achieving feelings of inner peace, bliss and in silencing their mind.

In RPT we use our emotional healing tools to clear the blocks that people have to opening their intuition, finding their life purpose and achieving higher states of consciousness. Reference Point Therapy is an extraordinarily fast process to create spiritual growth and change.

Reference Point Therapy is the Newest POWER Therapy.  Integrating science and psychological research with the latest in spirituality,  Reference Point Therapy produces health and well being quickly by clearing blocks to physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. We can now live as we were meant to be: Love, Grace, Oneness, and Mastery. With Reference Point Therapy we can now easily and gently get to the bottom or root issue of a problem and quickly clear it. New research shows that it is trauma that blocks us from being the enlightened beings we are supposed to be and that most of this trauma actually relates back to the time of our birth and before. We truly get to the bottom of things!

"In RPT we put all the ingredients together and get simple, rapid, and permanent results."  Simon Rose