Cellular Memory Transformation

Inspired by Theta healing, the Presencing of Reference Point therapy, the Pre and Peri-Natal Developmental Events model from Peak States of Enlightenment and RPT, and Bev Lenz's Belief Busting modules - I have combined them all into what I am calling Cellular Memory Transformation. It is fast, deep, powerful, Precise and allows the amazing you to show up in your life!  Change is effortless!

The whole universe operates in a state of vibration and each part of it has its own unique frequency. Everyone's voice has a unique frequency. Even emotions have a frequency and vibration. Your DNA frequency responds to changes in your emotional vibrational frequency.

Cellular Memory Transformation is the changing of the cell's memory of an event by accessing the vibration of the memory and dissolving the vibration. With the memory no longer there the cell is able to be in its perfection. We all have the potential to be enlightened.

I call myself an Evolutionary Change Agent!

We all have patterns that get in the way of us being who we want to be, of achieving what we want, or of sabotaging our goals.  Many Core beliefs and patterns are passed down from our Ancestors through our DNA.  The DNA in your cells send out signals of your subconscious beliefs to your mind and your body. We access the developmental event and the vibration held there and release the trauma from the body and the belief from the mind.

Some of our issues are Soul related, some from Past lives, some from having trouble just being in a human body. All are easily resolved in this work.

We can clear the deep core patterns - this allows you to Be who you want to be.  And we also believe this changes the DNA.

By now you may have heard of Bruce Lipton, The 'Biology of Belief', and how the new quantum physics support the changing of DNA by the external environment. It is called epigenetics. Yes, by changing your beliefs you can change your DNA. So we are accelerating our own evolution.

"I have been working for many, many years with many practitioners on my emotional issues.  I have made very little progress with several of my issues.  I started working with Susan on the issue of speaking up for myself.  I had a deep pattern, seemingly intractable, of an inability to speak up in the moment to protect myself. 
After several sessions with Susan working on this issue, I was in a circumstance where, in the past, I would not have been able to speak up to protect myself.  I stopped the practitioner before an injury occurred.  When he immediately apologized because he forgot that he shouldn’t bend my knee, I replied “that’s OK, I can speak up.”  I feel like I am finally making progress on this issue.
In addition to the awesome results from my sessions with Susan, I enjoy working with her.  Susan is pleasant, kind and caring."
~ A grateful woman in Ohio