Dr. Susan Smith, Phd., LCSW

Dr. Susan Smith, Phd., LCSW


to the online Home of Dr. Susan Smith, psychotherapist, healer, teacher, life coach, minister, and spiritual guide using Energy Psychology Therapies, Soul Collage and Grandmothers Council for a more rewarding life.

You may be here because you are Searching,

looking for something that you need, or want, or is missing in your life.

Perhaps you have tried all types and sorts of therapies and healing 

but have still NOT resolved the core issues and upsets.

Perhaps you feel your life is out of control,

out of balance, you are depressed, anxious, your relationships faltering, your body in dis-ease,

Or you are feeling the deep call from within to have more Meaning in your life, more Significance
Or you want more Joy in your life
Or you want to let go of getting in your own way, of sabotaging your self, so you can be the Magnificent person you know you can be

Whatever you are searching for, hopefully you will find that this website helps you begin the Journey Home - to Yourself.

Energy Psychology

"I’ve been working with healers for the last six years and can honestly say Susan is one of the best. Since working with her six months ago, I received a substantial raise at work, transitioned to a new job and, two months into the job, I got a promotion. I am looking forward to what’s next! On a personal level, she is a delight and very comfortable to work with. Her compassion and intuition shines through. I’m very grateful to have her in my life."   A.T.


Theta Healing provides a path to effortless change. Bringing together the awareness of Quantum Physics and Metaphysics, ThetaHealing™ can easily transform your life. This healing process will change the way you think and feel about any challenges forever!

Reference Point Therapy

We can quickly clear what used to take years of therapy without re-experiencing the trauma, regression techniques, channeling energy, or daily focusing on creating new habit patterns. RPT is one of the easiest and safest way to clear deep emotional pain, trauma and patterns.

Cellular Memory Transformation

Using Quantum physics and epigenetics combined with Theta healing and Reference Point therapy I have created Cellular Memory Transformation. It is fast, deep, powerful, Precise and allows the amazing you to show up in your life!  Change is effortless!

"Susan has been a lifesaver for me.  I’ve spent two decades working with energy workers and therapists trying to get the help I needed to work through the array of issues I’ve been tasked with in this life.  Susan is the first one with the capacity to address my particular breadth and depth of issues.  Humble and with a delightful playful spirit, her sophisticated blend of metaphysical wisdom and developmental knowledge has already helped me shift significantly after just four months of working together.  Susan's kind, sensitive demeanor is supportive and nurturing when I need emotional support, while her bright, intuitive mind hones into the heart of energetic concerns.  Hers is a collaborative approach; I feel very much a part of the process, integral in its creation.  Best of all, whatever is worked on is brought into oneness with Spirit, resolved and cleared.  Working with Susan puts you on a sure path of becoming lighter and lighter.  I am so grateful I found her."   E. S. California

Soul Collage


Cultivating wisdom, creativity and authenticity...

Through imagery, imagination and intuition we learn to access the wisdom and wonders that lie within us. Learn More

Grandmothers Council

The Grandmothers Council

The Grandmothers Council is a time honored and sacred Native American medicine wheel tradition for women only.  Learn More