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Dr. Susan Smith is available for Energy Psychology appointments and SoulCollage® appointments in the San Francisco Bay Area and Grass Valley, CA. and can be reached either by phone or by email.

Reference Point Therapy, ThetaHealing™ and Cellular Memory Transformation sessions are held either in person, by phone or by Skype.

One wonderful thing about Energy Psychology, as they are Power Energy Healing processes, sessions can be done over the phone from the comfort of your own home. The Emotional, Spiritual and Physical healing and Belief work can all be done by phone.

Call Susan now to discuss any concerns or questions that you might have and to make an appointment. Now is the best time to Invest in Yourself. You are worth it!

Dr. Susan Smith, Phd., LCSW


Phone: (510) 301-1890 (Grass Valley)


Offices located in:
San Francisco Bay Area
Grass Valley, California 95949

Mailing Address:
15149 Sunny Hill Lane
Grass Valley, California 95949