Grandmothers Council

The Grandmothers Council is a time honored and sacred Native American medicine wheel tradition for women only. We will journey by drum to the grandmothers of the eight directions.  The purpose of the Council is to serve the community by creating a place where women may come to ask questions of the Grandmothers. The women of the circle act as go-between's to bring the wisdom of the Elders back for the people. Although the archetypes are Native American, they are universal and it is clear these teachings are now being made available to women of all ages and races to reconnect us to our ancestral wisdom. We will journey by drum to the grandmothers of the eight directions.

Bring your personal questions and healing to Grandmother Star Nation, Grandmother Priestess, grandmother Sun, Grandmother Midwife, Grandmother Moon, Grandmother Shaman, Grandmother Earth, and Grandmother Death. You will receive guidance from these archetypal wisdom holders as you develop your own wisdom.

Join In

A Grandmothers Council meets regularly in Grass Valley. If you are interested in attending please contact Susan at
(A love donation is suggested.)

If your circle or your group is interested in hosting a Grandmothers Council please contact Susan at

The Grandmother Council coupled with SoulCollage® will leave you feeling alive and full of renewed energy for your precious life.

Grandmothers Council and SoulCollage® Workshops

Following the Grandmothers Council ceremony and the sharing of our wisdom gifts we have lunch together.  Next we will explore our new found wisdom with SoulCollage®.  SoulCollage®, created by Seena Frost, is a simple elegant process that everyone can do using images, imagination, and intuition. 5 x 8 cards are transformed into messages of deep knowing recognizing your own personal wisdom. The process is transformative and fun.