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Welcome to the online Home of Susan Smith, psychotherapist, healer, teacher, life coach, minister, and spiritual guide.

You may be here because you are Searching, looking for something that you need, or want, or is missing in your life.

Perhaps you feel your life is out of control, out of balance, you are depressed, anxious, your relationships faltering, your body in dis-ease;

Or you are feeling the deep call from within to have more Meaning in your life, more Significance;

Or  you want more Joy in your life;

Or you want to let go of getting in your own way so you can be the Magnificent person you know you can be;

Or you have heard of Reference Point Therapy and want to know more. 

Whatever you are searching for, hopefully you will find that this website helps you begin the Journey to your Home, to Yourself.

But first, I invite you to take a deep breath; hold it for three seconds, and then release slowly, blowing the air out gently. As if you are blowing on a feather. Good. Now take another deep breath; hold that for a count of three, and again blow out through your mouth as if you are blowing on a feather. Good. Now again take a deep breath, hold it, one, two, three, and now gently release it. Very nice. How does that feel?

Now, congratulate yourself on taking the time to Connect with Yourself, your breath, your body, your heart, this present moment.

It is from this place that the Journey Home to Yourself begins.

Welcome again.

In Beauty,


2008-2012 Dr. Susan Smith

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