Bringing together the awareness of Quantum Physics and Metaphysics, ThetaHealing™ can easily transform your life. This healing process will change the way you think and feel about any challenges --- forever!  DNA/ThetaHealing™ is a powerful, precise tool for deep and everlasting change, in shifting and healing your life on all levels, and liberating you from stubborn beliefs, destructive patterns of thinking, and core patterns that do not serve you. It is amazingly fast and has already helped thousands of people worldwide.

"Susan Smith has given me the confidence and self esteem to make me know that I am a wonderful, caring and friendly person. She has taught me how to trust, not worry, believe, and how to love others and to love my self."  - D. H., College Student

What is ThetaHealing™?

ThetaHealing™ was developed by Vianna Stibal who developed a protocol to work with all forms of healing from physical illness and disease to deep emotional issues and to core belief work after "curing" her own terminal cancer in 1995.

Theta Healing provides a path to effortless change. It is an Energy Healing technique whereby the healer uses "theta" brain waves to connect to Source and to channel healing energy. It can be used to clear beliefs that are keeping you tied to unwanted patterns and habits. An old self limiting belief such as “I am not enough” can be probed quickly to its origins and then transformed to a life affirming statement. Physical illnesses can be instantly cured. It has been widely used with huge success in all matters of Body/Mind/Spirit/Disease.

How does ThetaHealing™ work?

Our thoughts (both conscious and unconscious) create our lives. ThetaHealing™ can help you make profound changes in your life by releasing negative thoughts habits stretched deep inside. Core beliefs hidden in the subconscious shape our physical, mental, and emotional reality without our permission. These beliefs can add positive energy to our lives or can present roadblocks to our health and happiness. ThetaHealing™ can quickly and accurately pinpoint your roadblocks and lift them-allowing you to move easily and confidently towards your goals and help others do the same.

What are subconscious beliefs?

About 90% of how we think is in our subconscious. It is taught to us by our families, our culture, our education, and our religions. We learn it early in life before we become capable of conscious thought and reasoning. It is like a computer program that runs constantly, yet silently, impacting all areas of our life, and yet we are unaware of it or its negative impact. Theta belief work easily and quickly brings the program into consciousness so it can be transformed.