Healing Mind, Body and Spirit

Dr. Susan Smith, Phd., LCSW

Dr. Susan Smith, Phd., LCSW

As a psychotherapist, healer, teacher, life coach, minister, and spiritual guide, with over 30 years in private practice,  I have used a wide variety of holistic therapeutic techniques focused on healing the Mind, Body and Spirit.  After being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome I explored alternative healing practices to heal myself and this opened for me the connection between mind and body and health and the need to heal them all.

I now specialize in Energy Psychology Healing techniques, along with ThetaHealing and EMDR, EFT, Interative Guided Imagery, Clinical Hypnosis and Spiritual Kinesiology.

Energy Psychology is directed at the bodies own energy system and treats psychological problems at the quantum level resulting in immediate cognitive and behavioral shifts.  It is effective in treating anxiety, phobias, addictions, anger, trauma, PTSD, depression, guilt, physical pain and peak performance enhancement.

I am grounded in the principals of Object Relation Theory, Transactional Analysis,  Developmental Theory, and Body Soul Rhythms (the work of Marion Woodman).

I have led depth psychological treatment groups and Body Soul Rythm workshops, as well as women's retreats and wisdom circles.  I developed and facilitated the Gather the Women community celebrations in Fremont.  

My great grandmother was Native American and she taught me on the Spirit level.

I have been deeply interested in the wisdom from indigenous cultures and have studied with many Native American healers as well as studying several years with Angeles Arrien and her Four Fold Way.   My work with Dreams followed my studies with Robert Moss, the pioneer of Active Dreaming, and I was certified as a Shamanic Dream Teacher.  I work with Dreams using many paths including Jungian, Active Dreaming pioneered by Robert Moss, and Body Soul work.

Whatever you are searching for, hopefully you will find that this website helps you begin the Journey to your Home, to Yourself.

But first, I invite you to take a deep breath; hold it for three seconds, and then release slowly, blowing the air out gently. As if you are blowing on a feather. Good. Now take another deep breath; hold that for a count of three, and again blow out through your mouth as if you are blowing on a feather. Good. Now again take a deep breath, hold it, one, two, three, and now gently release it. Very nice. How does that feel?

Now, congratulate yourself on taking the time to Connect with Yourself, your breath, your body, your heart, this present moment.

It is from this place that the Journey Home to Yourself begins.

Welcome again.

In Beauty,